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😩 I miss shopping for makeup 😭 and I totally sang this in my head 😂 💄💁🎵 #noMONEYnoMAKEUP

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is this an Asian neighborhood thing?! Scott and bounty in the fridge 😒#smh #cantbenormal

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saying bye to the cuz. it’s nice having family around 😫😖😭

sums up my night <3 #cuz #bestie 👍😂😁🙌

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I’ll just move to Australia. it’s k 🙊🍫✈️ #timtam #whyYOUnoCOMEtoAMERICA

looks like a trex I’m done 😂

it’s #moonday 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #teenwolf

au revoir 😁🙋💼✈️💺

last full day with my sistur before she heads back to Miami 😐 #asiandumdum

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AHHHH SEASON4!!!! #teenwolf 😍😁😳

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i ain't cool enough for this s#!t

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